Oliveira Cotta is a pioneer in the BIM process

Beginning in 2013, the implementation of the BIM methodology preceded the current demand for BIM projects, allowing the growth of a solid and experienced team.


In 2013, begins the BIM implementation at Oliveira Cotta.


Over 900,000 sqm, encompassing more than 30 projects, have been designed in BIM, with increasing learning in each project.


Experienced team in the diverse aspects of coordination, modelling, documentation, cost estimate, 4D and 5D planning and facility management.


BIM-driven projects have a different structure for design and management, involving distinct phases for input, modeling, and information verification. Projects also follow a BIM-forward schedule, where all disciplines evolve together, building a cohesive and coordinated model that is continuously checked throughout the project development.

BIM Management

The BIM management process relies on different software and platforms to meet the project inputs and assumptions within the scheduled milestones. One of the main premises of Oliveira Cotta is to provide transparent access to the project within the BIM platform for the entire design team, as well as the client.

Continued Learning

Oliveira Cotta believes in the continuous learning that comes from exchanges between the design team and its clients, partners, and educational institutions. This contributes to the dissemination of BIM and the advancement of design and management processes.

2024 ® Oliveira Cotta.
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2024 ® Oliveira Cotta. All rights reserved.